About us

Hockey for Veterans and Disabled Veterans

We are a Virginia based nonprofit that provides opportunities for Veterans and Disabled Veterans in the National Capital Region (Northern VA, Southern MD, and Washington D.C.) to learn and play the sport of ice hockey.  Our Staff is trained and certified by our governing body, USA Hockey, to provide a great on ice experience for Disabled Veterans.  We rotate our sessions throughout the region and we participate in National Tournaments.  We do our best to raise enough funds to mitigate the expenses to the Veteran, but sometimes we ask that you chip in.  We aim to grow and raise enough donations that no Veteran will have to pay out of pocket to participate


Membership is Free and first time guests do not have to pay to participate in the first practice or scrimmage.

To become an active member, a Seasonal Administrative Fee of $50 is required after you have used your first time guest pass.  You can remain an inactive member and pay a $25 "Drop-In" fee to participate in the ocaisional practice or scrimmage.

Active Members that participate in tournaments will pay a $50 "Tournament Fee".  This fee will cover entry to the tournament, travel, and lodging.

To be a Member, you must meet the following criteria:

  • For both Veteran and Disabled Veteran programs, you must be an Honorably Discharged Veteran of the United States Armed Forces (Verified by your DD214).  Active Duty Members are allowed to participate in our Veteran Program.  Active Duty Members with a Purple Heart Medal are allowed to participate in our Disabled "Warrior" program.
  • To participate in Warrior only (Disabled Hockey) events, you must have a Purple Heart Medal, a Department of Veterans affairs Disability Rating of 10% or more OR have a statement from a Doctor noting that your disability is service connected.
  • ALL members MUST have a current USA Hockey Membership and you must maintain your membership to participate in on-ice activities.
  • Uniform:  We have a limited number of guest jerseys for new participants, however, if you feel like you want to be a regular participant in all of our events, you will be provided an opportunity to purchase your own uniform.  Our uniform order sheet is available on this site on the "Home" page.  Download it, fill it out, and send it to the address listed on the form.  Sometimes we will be able to mitigate the expenses with the help of a generous sponsor, but the cost is usually $160 for Home and Away Jerseys, Home and Away Socks, and Custom Pant Shells.  Other items like Warm up suites, T-Shirts, and Polo Shirts are available for purchase.


We play two major "Warrior Hockey" (Disabled Veterans only) Tournaments per year:  The USA Hockey Disabled Festival and the USA Hockey Warrior Classic.  Both Tournaments change location from year to year and are our priority for funding.  These two particular tournaments are for our Disabled Veterans who play in the USA Hockey Disabled "Standing Warrior" Division.  

We play additional tournaments where our Veteran players can also participate along side our Disabled Veterans.  These tournaments vary on location every year and sometimes incur a cost for lodging and travel. 


We work very hard to raise funds to mitigate the cost of events for our members, however, priority of our funding goes to our Disabled Veteran Program.  When we are short on funds we will ask for members to chip in if they want to participate in particular events.  As we grow, we hope to mitigate all expenses to the Veterans  and Disabled Veterans in this program.

Experience Level

We have everyone from former Professional Players to Beginners.  We welcome all Veterans.  If you have never played the sport of Ice Hockey, we will help you get started.  We are here to get ALL Veterans on the ice.  When applying for membership, please indicate your level of play based on the following criteria:

Gold (1) – These players may have professional (any level, including Europe), NCAA Division I and III College, Major Jr. and Junior A playing experience. 

Silver (2)  – These players may have Junior A, B, C, Non-Varsity College (ACHA), Midget major, Prep or Varsity High School playing experience.  Teams may be comparable to traditional high “B” or low “A” level adult house league teams. 

Intermediate (3)  – These players have intermediate hockey skills.  Payers may have experience at the lower ACHA levels, prep or varsity high school, or lower midget or junior levels.  Some players may also have limited organized youth playing experience, but have several years of playing experience as a recreational adult player.  These players would be comparable to a traditional high “C” low “B” level adult house recreational players.  

Intermediate 30 & Older (3) - Same guidelines as Intermediate 21 & Older with the addition of a 30 & Older age requirement.  All players must turn 30 years of age by the start date of the tournament.

Bronze (4) – These players have novice to intermediate hockey skills.  A few of these players may have high school playing experience, but are several years removed from those levels.  Most players have some youth organized playing experience up to bantam house.  Some may also have little or no youth playing experience, but several years as an adult player in organized leagues.  These teams would be comparable to traditional high “D” or “C” level adult house recreational teams. **Players with any junior hockey experience or above will not be considered   Bronze or below**

Bronze 30 & Older (4) – Same guidelines as Bronze 21 & Older with the addition of a 30 & Older age requirement.  All players must turn 30 years of age by the start date of the tournament.

Novice (5) – Team  players may have 5+ years of playing experience (either as an adult or a youth), this experience is not to have exceeded the adult novice, or beginner youth levels. These teams may be comparable to traditional low “C” or “D” level adult house league teams. **Players with any high school experience or above will not be considereed Novice**

Beginner (6) – This is the category for beginner adult players. Although a small number of players may have 5+ years of beginner adult experience, players with 1-5 years of entry level playing experience as an adult.


At this time, we do NOT provide equipment for our members.  We hope to be able to do so in the future when funding is abundant, be we are not there as an organization yet.  We can direct you to places where you can find gear at discounted prices.


When our budget is fully funded, we provide the following:

  • Two- one hour on-ice practice sessions per month
  • One- Exhibition game against another Warrior or Civil Service Team per month
  • Three Travel Tournaments (Fully funded transportation, lodging, and tournament fees) per year
  • One Social Event per Quarter
  • One Adult Learn-to-play or advance Skills clinic (up to 10 weeks) per player per year (When fully funded)