What is Warrior Hockey?

Warrior Hockey

USA Hockey’s Warrior Hockey Discipline is dedicated to injured and disabled US Military Veterans who have served our country and play the sport of ice hockey. As one of the USA Hockey's Disabled Hockey Section's newest disciplines, the Warrior Hockey Discipline is growing across the country.  While some of the participants played hockey prior to being injured, many try it for the first time for therapeutic reasons.  

To be eligible to compete in the Warrior Hockey Discipline, participants must be or have been Veterans and Members of the Armed Forces (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard), with former Members required to have been discharged under honorable or general conditions. 

There are currently Warrior Hockey Programs in the following Locations:

  • Chicago Blackhawks Warriors (IL)
  • Pittsburgh Warriors (PA)
  • Minnesota Warriors (MN)
  • Duluth Warriors (MN)
  • Michigan Warriors (MI)
  • USA Warriors (MD)
  • Alaska Warriors (AK)
  • Motor City Veterans  (MI)
  • Wisconsin Marauders (WI)
  • Tampa Warriors (FL)
  • Dallas Warriors (TX)
  • Pioria Ironsights (IL)

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You can find more information about Warrior Hockey at USA Hockey's Website.

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